1st July 2016 

Allergy treatment & Reflexology in Chesham (near Amersham)


Do you suffer from any of the following conditions:
Hormonal or menstrual imbalances, allergies, food intolerance or food allergy, stress, tiredness or fatigue, I.B.S. & Crohn's, sinusitus, back pain, fertility issues?
You may have been to your doctor and tried everything conventional. Going down the "natural" route and addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms, might just be the answer.

As a trained Allergy practitioner (NAET) and Reflexologist working in Chesham (near Amersham, Bucks), I have a number of different ways of treating your condition, whether it is food intolerance, allergies, fertility issues, bowel problems or other conditions. Each of these methods is holistic and natural, the aim being to restore the balance of your body to as perfect health as possible. Many people come to me with food allergy problems who live in the Amersham/Chesham area. Sometimes I will add in advice from my other disciplines (I am also a trained Naturopath) when you come for your session if you are interested. For example, if you suffer with constipation and are looking for reflexology (which definitely can help), I could also look at your eating habits and advise changes to your diet if appropriate.
I am also qualified in conception/maternity reflexology.

I work at the Bagnall Centre for Integrated and Holistic Health in Chesham which is easily accessible from Amersham, Chesham, Berkhamsted, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, High Wycombe and North West London.

I am listed as a german-speaking practitioner on / Für deutsche Kunden bin ich auch auf der Deutsche Therapeuten in UK zu finden.

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The clinic is in the Amersham area of Buckinghamshire, near High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead & also North West London

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If you are looking to get rid of your allergies or food intolerance and are in the Chesham or Amersham areas, give NAET a try with Janna. It is a truly revolutionary and remarkable method, and totally free of pain and side-effects.